San Lorenzo de Almagro Club Atletico
San Lorenzo de Almagro Club Atletico General Manager | Salary: $2,587,500 | 3 years
Born: 1/1/1950 (43) | College: USA | Anytown, USA
 Coaching Inside F- 
 Coaching Shooting F- 
 Coaching Handling F- 
 Coaching Post Defense F- 
 Coaching Perimeter Defense F- 
 Scouting Current Ability F- 
 Scouting Potential Ability F- 
 GM History  
 Career Record 58-24 
 Winning % .707 
 Division Titles
 Conference Titles
 Playoff Appearances
 Playoff Record 9-8 
 HC History  
 Career Record 0-0 
 Winning % .000 
 Division Titles
 Conference Titles
 Playoff Appearances
 Playoff Record 0-0 

 Season Team Position W L   Result
 1992 Club Atletico General Manager 58 24   Conference Finals

 Awards & Achievements
 Season Award

 Job Movement
 Season Move
 1992 Hired as General Manager of the Club Atlético
 1992 Received a 3-year contract extension.

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